Chinese have set up a few remarkable E-Commerce, retailing and dropshipping companies. To name a few best retailer companies, BangGood, Gearbest, and AliExpress are the most popular among them. These companies are providing their services throughout the world. We are going to review BangGood that is a Chinese e-commerce company.BangGood is an online retailer based in China that offers retail goods. BangGood partnership program provides drop shipping, wholesale and affiliate services. This company has a huge network of suppliers from Chinese cities Shenzen and Yiwu. BangGood provides dropshipping, affiliate, wholesale and B2C services to its customers.

What services does bangGood offer?

BangGood aims to provide faster and easier access to its customers. They are improving day by day and these are some services that BangGood offers to its customers.

1. B2C platform

Banggood is a Business to Consumer platform that provides the best customers services to the buyers. They can sell directly to customers from their platform.

2. Wholesale services

Banggood also offers wholesale services in different categories. The customers can buy different goods at wholesale rates. BangGood also provides coupons to its customers that help their buyers to buy at cheaper rates.

3. Drop shipping services

The drop shipping services are also provided to BangGood customers. They provide fast delivery with huge warehouses ready to ship to any location in the world. BangGood aim to meet up with the demand of the clients. They offer quality products with exceptional services that will help you make a profit with them. They deliver on time with the help of many warehouses full of goods.

4. Affiliate services

Just like Gearbest and AliExpress, Banggood also offers affiliate program services. At the BangGood affiliate program, you can make money as an affiliate. You can earn a profitable commission just by using the referral links.

Banggood Payment Methods

You can use Paypal for the payment, by registering there all your orders will be delivered to your mentioned address at Paypal, by linking all the bank account, credit and debit card information. Similarly, to collaborate with a plethora of e-commerce forums you can use API by banggood of which eBay and shoplift are predominant.Pros and Cons of Banggood Dropship1. Pros• To cope with the customer’s demand, they make fast delivery and shipping to any part of the world.•  Payment through Paypal make it the most secure system, all the orders are managed through Paypal.• Variety of products can make the customers to order the things that they want. Your clients can get everything from mobile phones and home products to watches, clothing and beauty products.• Banggood program is free to register, profitable, effortless and provided with the support to go high.2. Cons:• Use of Paypal for the payment of banggood program have the disadvantage to the countries that do not support Paypal as it reduces the alternatives of payment.• It can be challenging to force your customers to buy a number of items presented by banggood. You will have to choose the selected clients for particular products.• A number of categories are available on banggood, but some drop shippers like to use the companies that have specific products instead of general products.• Some individuals worry and think the commission matrix of this platform is unfair regarding calculation of commission for old and new clients.How to Make Money from Banggood Dropship Program?Banggood drop shipping program is one of the best dropship programs to earn money in the world, it assures that the affiliates make good money by providing support from sales experts. You can use the potential of blogs and social media forums to approach many people with particular interests to promote different items on banggood. You can take benefit by incorporating with platforms like Shopify and eBay and can enjoy discounts by dropshipping quality to the buyers.You can earn by promoting and sharing the links and codes of banggood using social media forums to your customers, being an affiliate of banggood dropship. You can make the best use of these platforms to promote your products and catch the attention of new clients.How to market your banggood dropship business?1. SEO ExpertsYou can take SEO experts services to market your dropship business. They can help you by providing the new customers that are interested in what you offer, hence increasing the sales rate.2. Social Media PlatformsYou can make use of social media platforms either by creating groups and posting the articles on the products you are offering for instance, facebook, twitter etc to support your banggood dropship business.3. Email MarketingProvide your services through emails on a regular basis to your customers by collecting their information of products they want and are interested in.4. Paid AdvertYou can run advertisements on the related platforms and apps to attract a large number of new buyers who visit these platforms.5. SponsoringYou can give a boost to your banggood dropship business by sponsoring admired celebrities and well-known and approved public events. This will display your brand to many people and will elevate your business.

Does Banggood have cash on delivery?

Banggood provides cash on delivery as a convenient payment method for south-east Asia nations. There are some limitations to its use. You can only send one at a time. If you already have a cash on delivery order on the way, you can’t order another.

How do I track my order on Banggood?

You can’t track your goods using only order number, anywhere except theBanggood mobile app or web site! To track the parcel, you need to find the shipment tracking number on the Banggood order page.

Where is Banggood USA warehouse?

Banggood’s warehouse locations. Although their base is in Guangzhou, China, they operate a network of warehouses in Asia, Europe, Australia, and North America.

What is back order in Banggood?

If you have ordered on Banggood and the status of an item is back order, it means that you have ordered an item that we do not have available in stock. When stock arrives it will be allocated to your order and then the status will be processing, then shipped. Banggood is a safe site for online shopping same like this gearbest is also an online shopping site which is safe.

Where is the company Banggood located?

CN Warehouse Is In China, not Canada. Our Asian warehouses are located in China, and they are spread throughout cities in Guangdong and Hong Kong.

How Banggood Dropship Works?

Banggood dropshipping is an effortless process, making it one of the best drop shipping representative. Being a merchant you can use this platform by registering under the banggood dropship program to place the orders on banggood, your clients have made. These products will then be delivered directly to the buyer.

Can I Earn Banggood Commission?

Yes, as long as you have registered with banggood, you can make money, so be a banggood affiliate at no cost. You have to make the customers by advertising their products and you will get a percentage profit over each sold item. Affiliate program has different levels,  you can earn up to 5-6 percent commission as a standard affiliate members and 7-10 percent for premium affiliate member and 9-10 percent as a VIP affiliate member. More sales mean more profit and it depends on either the buyers are new or old members.

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