Electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarette or E-Cigarettes are battery-operated devices that simulate the experience of smoking a real cigarette. These devices emit doses of vaporized nicotine for the smoker to inhale. E-cigarette work by heating the liquid which in turn generates the vapor. This vapor is then inhaled by the users. These devices are known as e-cigs, vaporizers, vape pens, electronic nicotine delivery systems, and digital cigarettes.
E-cigarette provides users with a similar sensation as they are inhaling tobacco. Some people claim that by using e-cigarettes one can quit tobacco smoking. The liquid used in electronic cigarettes is termed as e-liquid or e-juice. Most of the e-cigarettes contain nicotine in e-liquid, some of them are made of glycol and glycerine.
Let us give you a quick overview of vaping. Vaping is the simple process of inhaling and exhaling vapors from an e-cigarette. The e-cigarette or vape pen contains a small device that heats the e-juice or e-liquid present into the inhalable vapors. The process used is exactly like making steam. E-juices contains different types of flavors and nicotine levels.

Parts of E-Cigarettes:

Just like other electronic products, E-Cigarettes also have a different type of models. We will summarize the basic parts and their functions.

1. Battery

The job of the E-cig battery is to provide energy to the atomizer. Usually, the embedded batteries have power 650, 800, 900, and 1200 mAh. Batteries with higher Ampere hour have longer battery time. Batteries activate the atomizer when the user is ready to smoke. In the new e-cigs, the smart batteries are embedded that have the ability to control the voltage level sent to the atomizer.

2. Atomizer

The battery transmits the voltage to the atomizer and then Atomizer heats the liquid present in the cartridge. This device turns the liquid into the stream by heating. If the user uses E-Cigs too much and doesn’t clean the E-cigarette then this part may break due to excessive usage. The atomizers are cheap and are easily available in the market. You may need to change the atomizer every couple of month depending on how much you use your E-Cigarette.

3. Tank

Gearbest explains it as these are the devices that deposit the E-fluid present in E-Cigarettes. Most of the E-Cigs have refillable tanks. You can fill different types of flavors, may be the flavor suggested by your doctors. You can also fill in it with the nicotine although it is claimed to have cancerous elements in it.
This may look very complex process but it all happens in the fraction of second. There are many benefits to using E-Cigarettes. E-Cigarettes are a good alternative for the people who want to enjoy the fun of smoking at a low cost. No doubt, E-cigarettes are a great solution at a low-cost world of vaping. All you need to do is charge the e-cigaret battery and enjoy. Vape users like the broad range of options available and the variety of devices and liquids available.

Vaporizers and E-cigarettes have the same function and have the same concept. The battery heats the small element present in the vaporizers. By heating, the e-fluid is converted into the vapors which are then inhaled by the user.

E-Cigarettes on GearBest:

Gearbest is the supporter of E-Cigarettes and is providing the E-Cigarettes from the best market brands. Some of the worth mentioning brands are Vapefly, SMOK, UWell, Kuken, and Ijoy. The best thing about Gearbest is that they have introduced the concept of E-Cigs at a relatively lower rate than its competitors.
Now, Vaping and E-Cigs have become one of the fastest growing categories on Gearbest. With the time, new E-cig brands are joining Gearbest making it the best platform has a variety of brands.
The Cigalikes electronic devices were created for the purpose to give the feel of a traditional tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are composed of different small parts that contain the battery, e-liquids or e-fluids, and cartridges containing them. There is a special device present in the E-Cigarette known as Cartomizer. The element in cartomizer heats up when the user starts inhaling, it can also be engaged by pressing power on button in some cigarettes. The small element that we mentioned contains wrapped polyfill. The polyfill wrapping soaks up the fluid, which heats up on inhaling by users. This then converts into vapors and can be used for inhaling.

E-Cigarettes on Ali Express:

China has been creating and ruling the world of digital cigarettes since last 10 years. The idea of E-cigarettes was to simulate a real tobacco cigarette by an electronic device. It was also an idea that these modern cigarettes will help the tobacco cigarette addicted people in quitting smoking.
Ali Express is also providing a variety of E-cigarettes on its platform. Starting from the veterans like SMOK, aspire and Ijoy there are many different brands on AliExpress. If you compare these E-Cigs with natural tobacco cigarettes, then you can save about 70% of your money. For those who want to quit smoking, the expert do recommend to use e-cigarettes.

How much does an electronic cigarette cost?

This is another frequent questions among our readers, especially when it comes to knowing if a 6/8 to 10€ one is good, or if maybe it’s worth spending a bit more…
In this case, there is no reason for you to choose a more expensive one. In fact, AliExpress is known for providing the products at cheap rates. The most popular ones are usually the cheaper ones in AliExpress. Even at Gearbest and other e-commerce platforms, you can get the e-cigs at a cheap rate. The normal range lies between 25 to 40$. You can use these cigarettes anywhere you want, all you need to charge the battery, fill the tank and use it.

Do electronic cigarettes help you quit smoking?

Some experts claim that these cigarettes can help you quit tobacco cigarettes, while some expert recommends not to try these because of the presence of nicotine. We have seen a lot of users that have reported how E-Cigarettes helped them in quitting tobacco cigarettes. Although, we will recommend you to use more traditional pharmacological methods.

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