Robot vacuums

In this modern era of science and technology robot vacuum is a great relief for humans. These robot vacuums are grabbing the attention of the people and becoming more popular around the world. Robot vacuums use artificial intelligence for cleaning purposes. For cleaning robot cleaners use filters, spinning brushes, and side brushes for a lustrous floor. A robot vacuum is the best choice if you want a neat and tidy house. These vacuum cleaners are user-friendly and reliable. They not only reduce the workload of the user but also save their time. Its performance is good for every type of surface whether it is a hardwood, tiled floors or a carpet. In 2017, robot vacuums were 23% of total vacuum cleaners. This heightened interest of people across the globe is increasing the production and demand of robot cleaners.

A robot vacuum is more convenient than a traditional vacuum cleaner in many ways. It does not demand any manual effort and can do the work on its own. It saves the money as you do not need to hire a cleaner for controlling it. Secondly, it is quiet so you will not hear any type of annoying noise. Another advantage is that it can move from one room to another and manages its task unless there are stairs. You can also set it to clean a specific area or to remove a spot. You can set off on-the-spot cleaning at a single click. It does not require a huge amount of space you can put it anywhere under the bed, table, or behind the curtain. Battery once recharged is enough to clean a medium sized house easily. Some of the robot vacuums are smart enough that they return to its place after completion of their work and start recharging. Latest robot cleaners have rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. You can also build imaginary boundaries for the robot, keeping them away from a certain place.

If you are interested in buying a robot vacuum, you must consider the following things:
Always prefer a robot that is equipped with a smart and efficient navigation system so that it memorizes the arrangement of items and layout of your place to neglect the collisions. Coolest designs and compact shape of a robot vacuum do not demand an additional place. While considering the robot vacuum cleaners go for one which is excellent in seizing the dust particles and removing spots on every type of floor. The battery is also of great concern. You should go for those robot cleaners whose replacement parts especially brushes, wheels, and batteries are easily available.
We have researched about some quality robot cleaners their specifications and details are as follows:
iRobot Roomba 980

Roomba 980 is a high-grade product of iRobot which is trusted worldwide. It has wifi connectivity and works with Amazon Alexa, iRobot HOME App, and Google Assistant. It uses efficient filters and smart navigation to fulfill its task. Its improved suction power up to 10x allows it to clean the rugs and carpets thoroughly. It uses Multi-Surface Brushes to remove the dirt and Edge-Sweeping Brushes for the better cleansing of edges of furniture. Roomba 980 is outfitted with advance Dirt Detect Technology and recharge and resume features. When the battery gets lowered Roomba moves to its charging space and takes two hours to fully recharge its battery. Advanced dirt technology assists Roomba to highlight the dirty areas and grant more time for the cleansing of that area.

It is an excellent choice to remove dirt, dust or to collect pet hairs on every kind of floor whether it is a carpet or a tiled floor. Roomba can complete its job when it is fully charged, if not it will automatically recharge itself first and will resume the task. Its cliff detection features secure it from falling from stairs. Because of its compact design Roomba can clean every place under sofas, beds, and tables. You can assist Roomba from your smartphone using the iRobot HOME App or on your voice command using Alexa and Google Assistant. You can also set a schedule for Roomba to follow. You can also stop your robot cleaner from entering you would prefer to be secured by building imaginary walls. Roomba 980 is quite expensive and a high-priced model of iRobot but incredibly reliable. It has a small debris bin and can be louder some times especially while cleaning the rugs. It can also miss the spots some times.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected

Neato Botvac D7 Connected is an excellent robot vacuum featured with a smart navigation system, wi-fi connectivity, and power control settings. It can effectively clean the house without a hindrance. It is easy to handle because you can control it with voice using Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or with any mobile app. It provides laser guided detailed maps so that you can view the cleansing process. It uses integrated filters to remove and suck dirt and dust particles. Neato Botvac D7 Connected uses artificial intelligence and learns the layout of the place to reduce the chances of collision and to effectively clean the corners of the furniture or room. It can sweep all types of floors and do not require any assistance. Its smart and powerful battery helps it to clean the place more effectively. You can use your smartphone to manage it with an easy mobile app. You can also restrict the robot to stay away from No Go places. But these No Go areas are only built only when you are using the app.

Neato Botvac D7 is D shaped. It uses its rectangular boundary is better for collecting the dirt from the edges of walls or corners. it utilizes a laser sensor mounted on the top of a robot that scans the surrounding to safely perform its job. You can also replace its filters, batteries, and brushes when needed. It has a small 0.7-liter bin and is louder than many robot vacuums. It has the capability of storing only three-floor plans. However, its long battery life, super smart navigation and cleaning make it the best choice for users.

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